Zudio Return, Refund & Exchange Policy Explained


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Zudio Return Policy Explained

Recently Zudio has reached the 506th store’s mark in India. Since the launch of the first store in 2016 in Bangalore they have crossed the milestone of 500 stores in India. These stores are run by Tata Trent Ltd, in India. The affordable fashion clothing from the retail brand has been the growth factor for the clothing brand.

Zudio Return Policy Explained

Let’s understand the return policy & explore the complete in-depth details about the refund & exchange terms & conditions.

Return Time Duration 30 Days from purchase
Refund of moneyOriginal form of payment made

The return, refund & exchange policy is valid for offline store shopping only. It doesn’t allow for online shopping from the clothing brand.

Exchange Policy of Zudio Clothing

This policy is applicable for the products purchased from the retail physical store only.

Offline Store Return Policy

All purchases made at offline stores must be returned or exchanged at the offline stores only. It has an easy return policy, without going in-depth they accept all your returns as per the company terms & conditions.

  • All refunds are processed in the original form of payment only,
  • Products must be returned in the original packaging,
  • All exchanges or returns must be completed within 30 days of purchase,
  • A payment receipt must be shown during the exchange,

Exception of Return Policy Explained

Although they accept any kind of return that is within the 30-day policy, few exceptions are there.

Return Policy Explained

Below are the details of the terms & conditions for exceptions, read them carefully to understand the policy.

Understanding that exception can save you precious time & money. Always sync with the store exception return policy & avoid returning after 30 days.

  • Undergarments & inner wear products are not accepted in exchange.
  • Original receipt is mandatory to initiate the refund.
  • Products in co-ordinate must be returned in set only.
  • Used & altered products are not exchanged.
  • Cosmetics products are not exchanged.
  • Perfume & scent are not part of the exchange policy.

List of Products Not Accepted in Exchange

As per the Zudio return & refund policies, some products are not entitled to return.

Below is the list of items that are not accepted in the return policy.

So you always check the products before billing at the store.

  • Socks,
  • Lingerie Items,
  • Trucks & Brief,
  • Brasseries & Panties,
  • Belts,
  • Women Perfume,
  • Men Perfume,
  • Lipstick,
  • Sunglasses,
  • Accessories,
  • Wipes,

Process of Return at Store

Now you have understood the return, refund & exchange policy of Zudio, let’s go through the exchange process.

The process is simple & easy to adhere to. They accept product exchange requests at every store, so there is no issue with the timings for the exchange.

You must keep in mind that, products must be presented in the original form during the exchange process.

Below are the categories that are valid for Return. There are exceptions for accessories, perfume & makeup products that we have discussed above.

Clothing Footwear

  1. Visit the store with the product & payment receipt.
  2. Show it to the customer support staff.
  3. Ask for a return, refund, or exchange at your convenience.
  4. Apply the credit note or refund amount in the next billing.

How I Exchanged Product Without Bill Easily

Exchange Product Without Bill

Due to various reasons if you have lost your original receipt or want to exchange how to do it? Well, to get rid of this type of exchange you need support from a customer care executive.

My Experience

I exchanged my jacket for jeans last week at the Zudio store, so sharing my personal experience for your ease.

Tell them the date or purchase or any other transaction details, so they may fetch the date from the server.

Once they have matched your given data with their database, they will ask a few questions to validate it.

Once done, you are through.

Now you can exchange your products easily.

Final Words

Whenever you want to exchange or return the products, must do so within 30 days of the period. Moreover, keep your products in their original form. Always buy innerwear products as per your confirmed size only. You may raise a complaint if your concern is not addressed timely.

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