Zudio 199 Summer collection details Summer Special


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Zudio 199 Summer Collection

As the temperature soars, the new summer collection from Zudio is a cool chill. One of the best shopping destinations Zudio clothing stores are ready with their latest summer collection. This new range starts from Rs.199 & there are plenty of styles within this range.

Today let’s explore the new range of the zudio 199 summer collection.

Zudio Sumer Collection

Zudio Sumer Collection

As the new collection has already reached the store, it’s now time to explore the collection. During the summer trendy collection keeps you fresh & cool during the hot summer weather.

They have introduced a new collection;

  • T-Shirts
  • Dresses
  • Shorts
  • Jeans
  • Loungewear

T-Shirts; Summer Essentials

At Zudio, they know how important it is to have lots of different styles to choose from. That’s why their summer collection has lots of t-shirts in all kinds of designs like plain ones, ones with cool pictures, and ones with patterns. We want everyone to find a T-shirt they love!

Their 199 collection is cheap compared to the other retailer’s sale price.

T-shirt Collection

Below are different types of t-shirt ranges available at the clothing store.

Scoop NeckCrew neckPolo
Crop TopHenleyGraphic

Plain T-shirts:

If you like to keep things simple when it comes to clothes, their plain T-shirts are just what you need! They come in lots of colors, from basic ones to bright ones.

These T-shirts are super comfy because they’re made from soft cotton, and you can wear them all day without any problems. Plus, they go with everything in your wardrobe!

Graphic T-shirts:

Want to stand out? Check out the latest graphic T-shirts! They’re made to show off your unique style. Whether you like funny sayings, cool pictures, or famous logos, our graphic tees have something for everyone.

They’ve got designs that are sure to catch your eye and let your personality shine through!

Printed T-shirts:

If you love cool designs, you’ll love their printed T-shirts! They come in all sorts of patterns, like flowers or funky designs. These shirts add a fun and playful vibe to any outfit, whether you’re chilling at home or out on the town.

And they’re super comfy too, so you’ll look good and feel great all day long!

Other 199 Summer Collection

T-shirts being our favorite, next we have explored another coll collection starting at Rs.199 only. Being it summer without shorts, dresses & loungewear the entire collection is not completed.

We have found a great collection for summer. Below are the details about the cool summer collection;

  • Dresses
  • Shorts
  • Jeans
  • Loungewear

Women Dress Collecion

This summer season they have showcased their new collection of women’s dresses. Get ready with the latest collection & choose a trendy evening party collection.

Enhance your everyday look & elevate the fashion statement with the summer collection for women.

Shorts Collection

Here is another cool summer trend; Shorts. Yes, they have introduced a new shorts collection with the latest & trendy styles & patterns. The latest shorts collection is designed for your comfort & style.

Earlier they were not focused on shorts, but since last year we have seen a large number of collections of shorts. Classic denim shorts or chinos shorts they have launched for this year.

199 collection

Find a perfect pair for your walk or new picnic starts at Rs.199 only.

New Makeup Range at Store

In the last, you can check the latest summer-friendly accessories section at the Zudio clothing store. Check out the latest & trendy summer collection of lipstick & makeup accessories.

The makeup section is just located near the checkout counter in every store.

Plan your pool party & beach party with the latest 199 range of lipstick.

Below are different types of lipstick available at the starting range of Rs.199 only.

  • Matte Lipstick
  • Cream Lipstick
  • Satin Lipstick
  • Gloss Lipstick
  • Sheer Lipstick
  • Liquid Lipstick
  • Lip Stain
  • Lip Balm
  • Tinted Lip Balm
  • Lip Crayon

Below is a YouTube video showcasing the latest 199 collection.

Source; Minal Patel Vadodara


What is the starting range of the Summer Collection?

This year the collection starts at Rs.199 only.

Does Zudio sell shorts?

Yes, they sell women’s, kids & men’s shorts.

When Zudio start selling summer collections?

The Zudio summer collection already started selling from the stores.


The new summer collection is already creating a lot of buzz on social media. T-shirts are the main attraction for this summer. The trendy summer t-shirt collection just starts at Rs.199. As compared to the other retailers the collection is very cheap.

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