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Zudio Plus Size Fashion

Yes you read it right Zudio Plus Size Fashion. You must have seen various content on Youtube & Instagram about Zudio clothing, but have you seen content about Zidio Plus Size fashion?

Today we share the complete information about the Plus size clothing of Zudio brand available at the stores. We will explore the affordable fashion collection of Zudio for Plus size shoppers.

Zudio Plus Size Fashion Clothing at Affordable Price

The Zudio clothing stores are know for providing best quality. Additionally they are more concern about the clothing lifespan as well.

Plus Size of Zudio Clothing

All the people who love to shop for plus size clothing may now purchase quality products from Zudio retail stores. However they are not keen about plus size category, yet they have sufficient clothing range at store.

Different Body Types for Plus Size

Understand the body types for plus size.

Plus Size Body Types

Before you go further, firstly understand the different body type of plus size. As per the industry norm there are 4 types of body shapes for plus size.

Below is a image given for your reference, through this you can relate with your body type easily.

4 types of body shapes for plus size

Body ShapeDescription Details
HourglassDefined waist, curvy hips, and bust.
TriangleWider hips and narrower shoulders.
RectangleSimilar widths in shoulders, waist, and hips.
RoundFuller midsection and curves.

Above is the table to understand the body types for plus size. Once you understand your body shape you can plan you shopping.

Size Chart For Easy Understanding

Below is the size chart, that will help to you while buying products & selecting perfect size for you.

Bust (in C.M.)3234363840
Waist (in C.M.)2830323436
Hips (in C.M.)3537394143
Shoulder (in C.M.)1414.51515.516
zudio size chart for clothing

Remember This

Zudio has maximum XXL size in their clothing category, so you should plan accordingly. Above able describes the different sizes that are available at the retail shop.

Product Range Available in Plus Size XXL

Now let’s find the range of products that are readily available at the store specially in Plus size (XXL Size). Most of the products are start from Small size that is represented at S printed on the products.

Exploring all the products is not possible for a customers during shopping as the stores are always busy.

So we are sharing from our personal experience & highlighting the products that are available in the Plus size (XXL Size).

For Plus Size Male For Plus Size Female
Casual ShirtKurtis

Above is table that describe the range of clothing available in plus size at the store.

Zudio Plus Size Kurti Ethnic Look

Above is a Ethnic look in which we hare paired a black legging with Zudio light blue plan kurti.

Product Name – Plus Size Zudio Price
Zudio Plain Light Blue Kurit XXL SizeRs.499
Zudio Black Plain Legging XXL Size Rs.399

This is a perfect combination for your ethnic chic style look. I have found this product during my last shopping at Zudio store.

Tips; Look Slim with Stylish Plus Size Clothes

Have to ever wonder why celebrity look slim even after wearing plus size clothes?

No worries!

Below are the top 5 tip to look slim & follow your passion.

  • Choose your best fit; Always choose the clothes as per your shape style, we have discussed about the body types in the starting.
  • Dark colors are real friend for plus size; Yes always choose dark color that suits your style & taste.
  • Top to Bottom similar color tone; Avoid wearing different colors clothes for top & bottom. always wear similar types of color tone clothes from top to bottom.
  • Vertical lines & pattern; Love wearing pattern & prints? always wear vertical style lines or pattern.

Confidence is The Key

The vital part is confidence, whatever your wear always have confidence & smile at your face. Confidence is what make your different no matter what is the size.

Below is a video that discuss the plus size clothing option at Zudio store.

Credit; Monika Thakkar


The key takeaways from today’s post are Zudio has plus size clothes, but limited to few categories only. Wear plus size clothes as per your body types & follow the tips given to look slim.

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