Zudio complaints process explained for quick resolution


Zudio complaints process explained for quick resolution

Do you want to file a complaint with Zudio online? Have to get defective clothes or any other payment-related complaints? There are various incidents when you want to file a complaint with Zudio clothing stores. But not sure how to raise an issue or where to file your concern.

Well, today we walk through the complete process of filing a complaint with the proper channel.

Understand the Zudio Complaint Filing Process

Zudio is a homegrown popular clothing retailer in India with more than 500 stores. Being such a big player in the Indian apparel industry they are known for providing the best customer service.

Yet in many cases, there are certain incidents when a customer is not fully satisfied with the products or services. In that case, you may reach the customer care department of the clothing store & file your complaints.

Zudio takes all customer’s complaints seriously & responds quickly with proper solutions. However, some complaints may remain unresolved in that case you should follow their complaint redressal chart.

Below are the medium through which you can file a complaint;

  • Customer helpdesk
  • Offline Store
  • Official Website
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Consumer Review Websites
  • Online Forums and Communities
  • Consumer Protection Agencies

Common Zudio Customer Complaints

Before you raise your concern, you must understand the different types of complaints you may file with the Zudio brand.

Common Zudio Customer Complaints

As the retail store deals with clothing & apparel, so it’s common to have product-related complaints. Customers may raise their queries & concerns related to product quality & and pricing.

Complaints TypeDetails of Complaint
Store RelatedRelated to store ambiance & customer service,
Product Related Related to product size, price, or color,
Policy RelatedReturn, Exchange, Refund or Services related,

Different types of Complaints

To file your complaints you must select the right header for timely resolution. Below are the details about various types of common complaints;

1- Store Related

All complaints that are related to the store must be addressed under the Store Related complaints.

Below are the various scenarios that come under this header;

Store-Related Complaints:

  1. Dislike the store’s lighting and temperature.
  2. Long waiting in line at the checkout counter.
  3. Unhelpful or unfriendly staff at the store.
  4. The lack of clean and available trial rooms is an issue.
  5. Temperature-related Issues at the store during shopping.
  6. The store is not properly clean & painting proper hygiene.
  7. Adequate staff is not available to guide the shopper.
  8. Not enough trial rooms are available for customers.
  9. Franchise store-related issues.

If you find the above issues at the store, then you must file the complaints under the Store Related during the process.

2- Products Related

Have any issues with the product you purchased recently? is the size does not fit well or received the wrong size, all these types of issues come under Product-related complaints.

If you are new & not sure what the other issues come under this header check below given details;

  • If the clothes don’t fit well, they’ll be too big or too small.
  • having issues with clothing color.
  • Bought damaged clothes, footwear, or makeup products.
  • Quality issues related to stitching issues or made from weak fabric.
  • Any discrepancy in pricing or flat pricing during the sale.
  • Quality issues in makeup, perfume, or other products.

3- Policy Related

Not happy with the return policy or refund policy? getting delayed in a refund or having any payments-related issues? Just file them under the policy-related header.

  • Unhappy with a return policy or find it difficult to return items.
  • Any delay in shipping & home delivery.
  • if you are charged extra.
  • Not ready to share your details with the company.
  • Any services related to customer satisfaction.
  • Delays or difficulties in receiving refunds.
  • Challenges with exchanging items.
  • Problems with payment processing or security.

File Complaints With Zudio Easily

Once you have identified the complaints type you can file them online easily. Below is the process to file a complaint with Zudio Clothing online or offline.

Before you file any complaints, you must have proof of the incidents or details about the incident for quick resolution.

There are various medius to connect with them, you may choose the method as per your ease.

Customer Care Details

Check the customer care details of the store for quick resolution. It’s the easiest way to reach to the customer care & speak with them directly.

Website https://www.zudiostore.in/
Email IDinfo@zudiostore.in

Above are the details for the First time resolution if a customer is not satisfied. In most of the cases, your complaints are resolved & appropriate resolution is given to you.

My Experience

In my case, I registered complaints on Monday & they contacted me with a solution on Wednesday.

So quick! isn’t?

Store Customer Care Desk

Contacting your local customer service at the store is what I suggest for everyone. Offline store is the easiest & quickest way to get solution for your problem.

Locate Local Store contact number for complaints

If you have an issue related to Products, they can resolve it quickly.


I always recommend connecting with the local store customer care for quick & rapid solutions.

Locate the nearest Zudio store Easily;

Remember that your receipt has the contact number printed on the bill. So, just call the store & discuss your issue.

If you don’t have the contact number of the nearest store, you can easily get it from their official website.

Follow the below process & locate the nearest store & their contact number quickly.

  1. Open the official store locator page,
  2. Firstly select your “State” & then select “City”,
  3. A list of stores located in the city is displayed on the page,
  4. From the list, select the nearest store & click on “More Details”,
  5. On the next page “Whatsapp Number” is shown,
  6. Contact the customer care,

As you can see in the below screenshot, I have a contact number for the Ahmedabad Satyamev Elite store contact number.

Store customer care number

Social Media Platforms

Being a responsible & customer-first company zudio reverts on all customer queries quickly. In any case, if your complaint has not been resolved for a long time, you may reach out to social media,

Through social media, you can directly approach the brand for your complaints.


Remember; Always be polite during the conversation on social media with brands, and don’t hurt anyone’s sentiments or bad mouth.

Check out the social media account details of the company for filing a complaint.


Above is the Zudio’s social media details. They are very active on Instagram.

Details Required to File a Complaint

Now you have comprehensive details about the Zudio complaints, you can file complaints easily. Filing a complaint requires a few important documents & information. Without providing proper information your complaints may get delayed, so provide a proper information.

Below is the important information you need to provide while registering a complaint.

Store Name
Date of incident
Payment receipt
Product details
Complaint Detail
Your Name
Mobile Number

Tips for Hassle-Free Shopping

For a seamless shopping experience & avoiding any future complaints, especially about products, you must shop consciously.

Most of the complaints are related to products or policy-related. For a better understanding of their return & refund policy check our last article. Once you read the refund policy, most of your queries will be answered there.

Other types of complaints are product size or material-related complaints. To overcome these complaints you must take a trial of the product, check the product description & read wash care instructions.

If you follow the above tips I am sure 50% of your common complaints will not occur.

Final Thought

With a huge presence & deals in value fashion, there are chances when customers are unsatisfied with big brands. But Zudio leaps & solves customers’ concerns quickly. You can register your complaints in various methods as discussed above. They provide solutions to every customer as per the TATA business stands & TATA is known for being a customer-friendly company.

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