Does Zudio Sells Women’s Perfume?


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Does Zudio Sells Women's Perfume

The straightforward answer is Yes, Zudio sells women’s perfume. But let’s deep dive into the details of whether it’s a good deal & what is the price range of the Zudio perfume for Women in India.

Zudio Perfume for Women Overview

The popularity of Zudio stores is attracting lots of new customers. It’s not only about Zen Z or fashion lovers, people around the city now rushing towards the Zudio clothing stores.

All the clothing stores of Tata Zudio sell the Perfume brands, but the availability may be a concern as it’s a hot selling SKU of the fashion apparel brands.

It’s a perfect blend that enhances your beauty & personality with the latest range of fragrances.

They have a vast range of perfumes for Men, Women  & Unisex. A dedicated fixture is placed near the billing counter for customers’ ease during billing. You can check out the tester provided there if you want to have a try. There are a lot of options available in the store when visiting the store.

Zudio Perfume Types

Zudio Women’s Perfume Range

So far they have 3 types of perfume range, but today we are discussing the Women’s perfume range available at the store. If you have never visited the stores & seeking comprehensive details about the perfume, so read on.

Well, you will be astonished to know that the price range starts from Rs.99 only, & during the sale period, you may get your favorite fragrance only at Rs.49.

For example, they have a 50 Ml bottle of perfume, they are selling at Rs.199 only.

Women Perfume Name List

They have different colors & names for the perfume. Your perfume looks like this there are like a few different colors that this comes in and every single perfume is named after a city. It’s their concept of naming a perfume in a popular city.

Perfume Name List

Sr.No.Women Perfume NameNet Qty
1Los Angeles50 ML & 100 ML
2Madrid50 ML & 100 ML
3Las Vegas50 ML
4Miami100 ML
5Malibu50 ML
6Florance50 ML
7Pulse50 ML & 100 ML

How to Choose the Best Zudio Women’s Perfume?

Well, choosing the best perfume depends upon your taste in the fragrance. As they have plenty of options available to choose from, you may choose one by the tester.

Yes, they have a tester for every perfume, which is super cool.

To choose a perfect fragrance you may consider using the test stripe placed at the Perfume counter.

You should gently place the stripe on your hand or palm & smell the fragrance. If it matches your taste of fragrance you may go ahead & buy it.

Well, moreover if you want to know more details about the products then you may continue reading.

What is the Sale Price of Zudio Perfume for Women?

The net sale price may differ as per the stock availability at the store & depending upon the sale period or normal period.

During the regular period, the price of a 50ML bottle may cost you around Rs.199 or Rs.299 as per the stock availability.

However, during the sale event, it may cost you Just Rs.9 only.

I preferred buying it during the sale period in bulk.

Below is the price list for your reference only.

Zudio price list of perfume (Women)
Perfume NameNet QtyMrpSale Price
Los Angeles50 ML 299199
Los Angeles100 ML399299
Madrid50 ML299199
Madrid100 ML399299
Las Vegas50 ML299149
Miami50 ML29949
Malibu100 ML399199
Florance50 ML299149
Pulse50 ML299199
Pulse100 ML399149

Are Zudio Perfumes Dupes of Luxurious Perfumes?

Zudio women’s perfumes are very affordable & cost-friendly for teens & college-going students. The prince range is quietly must cheaper as compared to other luxury products.

Some people may refer to it as dupes of expensive products, but other people love it. I admire it & refer to my other friends as well, as it’s very affordable & available at any Zudio store near me.

So it’s always up to you whether it serves your purpose or not.


Does Zudio sell Perfume?

Yes, all the Zudio clothing stores sell perfume for men, women & unisex.

Is Zudio perfume cheaper?

Yes, it’s very cost-effective a 50 ML bottle costs Rs.149 only.

What is the popular name of Zudio brand perfume for women?

Well, Miami, Los Angeles, Madrid & Pulse are very popular names.

Our Opinion

In our opinion, whenever there is ale I always prefer to buy Zudio perfume as it’s very cheap compared to other brands in the market. Their price range starts from Rs.49 & max price is Rs.399 only for 100 ML bottles.

Comment below if you have a different opinion or you may share your personal experience here as well.

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